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Neo Electric Provide Electrical Rewiring Services in Florida

Our electricians will provide electrical rewiring, replacement, or updates in Florida today

Old or worn wiring presents significant electrical dangers. Wiring becomes frayed or loose through usage, age, or damage and when this happens you need the skilled professionals at Neo Electric. Our expert electricians will protect your home and family by repairing, replacing, or updating your wiring to safely modernize your home. Turn to Neo Electric for all your electric repairs including outlet wiring replacements.

Historic Home Rewiring Specialists

Do you live in an older, historic home? Have you noticed any electrical issues that keep occurring? Have you had a professional electrician come out and check all of your electrical panels and wiring to make sure you and your home are safe?

If not, don’t worry; our team at Neo Electric is the go-to historic home rewiring specialist and can make sure your electrical systems are up-to-date. Give us a call today, and our team will be happy to come out and help rewire your entire historic home, so your house is safe and up to state standards.

Get your questions answered by a master electrician at Neo Electric. Call us at (904) 678-8000 or send us a message online.