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Panels Upgrades & Surge Protectors Installation in Northeast Florida

Protect your electronics and appliances with surge protectors

When lightning strikes, protect all your expensive technology and appliances from electrical spikes. Your Tv and computers will fry.

Protect $25k of technology/appliances for a $500 surge protection.

When deciding on a Panels Exchange & Surge Protectors, several key factors need to be considered:

  • If you have over $10k of technology and appliances in your home, you will want to protect your investments with a surge protector.

  • 10% off surge protectors

  • If you have an e-charger and your home isn’t surge protected, the warranty will be voided for electric cars and e-chargers.

  • We give you a certified licensed electrician installed for warranty protections.

  • 25KA, 50KA and 80KA on the different types of electronics in your home. Each technology point needs the correct voltage.. Including your AC Unit.

Services Include:

  • Generators Sales
  • Generator Electric Outlet Installation
  • Generator Power Switch
  • Generator Backup Auto-Switch
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Repair

Get your questions answered by a master electrician at Neo Electric. Call us at (904) 678-8000 or send us a message online.