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Quality Commercial Electric Services in Florida

Neo Electric is The Right Choice For Your Commercial Electrical Service Needs

Over the past 17 years, we have worked on many commercial projects in and around New York and New Jersey. Our team of over 70 members is highly-trained, and includes industry-certified master electricians with years of experience working on commercial projects. Our professionals ensure that the project passes the first inspections, so your project is completed in the timeframe you want. We also make sure that our clients get clean and quality products so you can get back to business.

Right Quality – Neo Electric has the best team of commercial electricians serving the area in Florida that are here to take the load off busy businesses. We can help with any size commercial electrical project. Our electricians know how to provide safe, high-quality commercial electrical services to any business. From commercial remodels or renovations to simple fixes such as the electrical in parking lot lights – our team has the experience and skills to complete these projects quickly and within your budget. Our technicians will ensure that the services are safe, that our work is of excellent quality, and that you are satisfied with the job!

Our Capabilities

Neo Electric has worked on commercial projects ranging from complete building refits, to detailed lighting design. You can see examples of our commercial work in New York and Florida here.

Safety is always our highest priority and we are proud to have an EMR rating of 0.983. 

Safety Is An Important Part Of Our Company

Our rating proves our team strives to provide safe services. With a 0.983 Experience Modification Rating, we know the importance of safety for both our people and your businesses.

If you have not experienced the kind of delay and costs associated with an incident that happens on-site, be thankful. Neo Electric puts safety at the forefront and in our company’s core values. Our whole team is trained and certified to ensure everyone’s safety is prioritized. We provide our team with the best training and equipment to ensure your project is completed without incident.

Contact us today if you are looking for an electric contracting company in St. Johns, FL, to get your job done safely and right.

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Give us a call any time and we are happy to answer any questions about our services.

We pride ourselves on providing quality services and being there for our customers when they need electrical services.